Request a quote

If you are interested in the AJAX Systems / Electronics-Line® iConnect 2-way alarm system and accessories or e.g. the Forest Shuttle® “L” electric curtain rails, we will gladly make a quotation for you.

The quote request goes as follows:

Step 1 The components

Add all desired items to the shopping cart

Step 2 “Checkout”

Go to the shopping cart and press the button “Doorgaan naar afrekenen”

– Details

Fill in your billing and delivery details and create an account if necessary

– Quote request

Choose as payment option “Offerteaanvraag”

– Apply a request

Press the button “Bestellen en afrekenen”

With this a request for quotation is submitted, you will receive a suitable quotation by email within 24 hours

Step 3 Accept quote and checkout

You want to convert the quotation into an order: in the quotation email there is a link “betalen” that will link you to the payment page.

Or if you have created an account, go to “mijn account” and log in, you will see the order with status “Offerte”

Push the button “Offerte accepteren”

The order status now changes to “Wachtend op betaling”

Now click on the button “Betalen” which will link you to the payment page

Complete the payment via e.g. “iDEAL”

Step 4 Order

We receive your order and send you the items as soon as possible.